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Love for personal freedom

Video. In this video Bishop Alvaro del Portillo explains that God has given us freedom, a great gift.
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Freedom and Friendship

The true proof of friendship is putting others first, giving them our time and attention. This was the key St Josemaria gave us to show Christ to others. And Jesus taught it to us with his life—he always had time to devote to each person, [...]
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Opus Dei is part of today's world

Enrique is a Chilean interior designer. He met St Josemaria, the founder of Opus Dei, in 1974 and here he talks about what struck him most: the love for freedom which is part of the message of Opus Dei, and "respect for others, especially their [...]
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Children and Freedom

Friends with your children The parents are the first people responsible for the education of their children, in human as well as in spiritual matters. They should be conscious of the extent of their responsibility. To fulfil it, they need prudence, understanding, a capacity to love [...]
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Rafael Alvira: "St Josemaria was a very friendly man."

Philosophy professor Rafael Alvira recalls his first impressions of St Josemaria: his vitality, his friendliness and his simplicity. He also practised unity of life, something he always spoke of as characteristic of the spirit of Opus Dei.
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Shout for Freedom!

Below are some paragraphs from an article by Msgr. Mariano Fazio published in the newspaper El Liberal in Santiago de Estero, Argentina. Taking up some things that St Josemaria said, Msgr. Fazio encourages Christians to treasure freedom and to find ways of inspiring others in [...]
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The riches of the Faith

An article by St Josemaria Escriva published in ABC, a Madrid daily, on November 2, 1969. In this article the Opus Dei founder spoke of love for freedom as one of the treasures of the Christian faith. [...]
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Why Burgos?

After getting through the Pyrenees mountains and arriving in Andorra at the end of 1937, Father Josemaria went via France to Pamplona, in the opposite zone of Spain. There, after brief stay, he decided to go to Burgos, where he lived from January 8, 1938 [...]
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Why did Father Josemaria go into hiding?

The right-wing military coup against the Republican Government of Spain was countered by a leftist revolution in the part of the country under the control of the Popular Front. This revolution was characterized by violent anticlericalism among other things, and the revolutionaries destroyed churches and [...]
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What was Father Josemaria Escriva’s reaction to the attempted military coup of July 18, 1936?

Like most people in Spain, Father Josemaria knew nothing about the military conspiracy against the Republican Government which culminated in the attempted coup on July 18, 1936. The rebellion took him by surprise, and he immediately had to go into hiding as his life was [...]
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