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A get-together with Saint Josemaria in Brazil

Clips from a filmed gathering with St Josemaria Escriva during his catechetical journey to Brazil, which started on May 22, 1974.
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Meeting Saint Josemaria, July 5 Chile

A gathering in Santiago de Chile where many people were able to ask Saint Josemaria about different topics such as educating their children, The Holy Mass, apostolate and Christian life.
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Videoclips during the Year for Priests

For the Year for Priests proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI, this website featured a series of videoclips showing St Josemaria in encounters with priests from different countries. In one of them, St Josemaria said, “I can tell you that I am overjoyed to see you, my [...]
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Audios of Opus Dei founder

Audio files of St Josemaria’s voice, speaking in Spanish about the family, how to pray, presence of God when working, and Opus Dei. Songs and carols. St Josemaria’s Teachings (in Spanish) Audio files of St Josemaria’s voice, talking to different people in filmed get-togethers, speaking in Spanish [...]
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Filmed get-togethers with priests

Between 1972 and 1975 St Josemaria, the founder of Opus Dei, undertook a series of long catechetical trips throughout Spain, Portugal and Latin America to talk about God. He had numerous meetings with men and women, young people and priests. In his answers to people’s [...]
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St Josemaria in Lourdes

At a gathering in Barcelona on November 26 1972 St Josemaria talks of his short but intense visits to the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes. The last time St Josemaría went to Lourdes was October 1972. At that time the shrine was surrounded with the [...]
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Catechetical Trips

St Josemaria decided to put his shoulder to the wheel in the task of strengthening people’s faith. Starting in 1970, he went on long catechetical trips to various countries around the world. Starting in 1970, the founder of Opus Dei decided to undertake catechetical trips [...]
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André Frossard, Writer and journalist

I never met Msgr. Escriva. I only knew him by hearsay, from what people in Opus Dei told me. Then I saw the film of a gathering with Msgr. Escriva. He was walking up and down, and there was a huge number of people of [...]
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An Italian song that St Josemaria loved

Aprite le finestre - 'Open the Windows', an Italian song that St Josemaria wanted people to sing to him as he was dying. The following is the account of this episode as given by Pilar Urbano in her biography of St Josemaria, 'El Hombre de [...]
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Our Lady of Guadalupe

“My children, this month (…) I did a pilgrimage to Torreciudad, barefoot, to honour our Lady. And I went to Fatima, also barefoot, to honour our Lady, in a spirit of penance. Now I’ve come to Mexico to do this novena to our Mother (…). [...]
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