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The real meaning of a pilgrimage

To begin with, I would like to say a big Thank you to everyone who made my World Youth Day experience come true. Our journey began in Taipei; we travelled through Shanghai, Rome, Vienna and finally arrived at Krakow. I'm especially grateful to each and every [...]
Tags: Faith, Jesus Christ, Holy Communion, Taiwan, WYD, Pope Francis

Sofia, Mexico

Sofia, 27, is from Monterrey, Mexico. She works as a lawyer, wife and mother. What is the meaning of life for you? It’s a time God gives us to be happy, do his Will and follow the path that will take us to Heaven at the [...]
Tags: Heaven, Jesus Christ, June 26, happiness, Mexico, Christians in the middle of the world

Pammy, Philippines

Pammy Vital lives in the Philippines. She is married to Bryan and they have 2 children. She works in a building firm. What is the meaning of life? Life on earth is a chance to know and understand true love, and true love is Christ. Why do [...]
Tags: Apostolate, Jesus Christ, June 26, Philippines, Josemaria Escriva, Christians in the middle of the world

His words give me hope and encouragement

I first got to know about Josemaria Escriva while I was an undergraduate law student at a Nigerian university. I was quite conversant with the teachings of the Church and the Bible and was active in Church activities and student social life on campus. Although [...]
Tags: Hope, Jesus Christ, Consistency

Dedicating your life to the priesthood is a fantastic thing to do

“Thanks to the formative activities I attend, my love for the Church, the Pope and the magisterium grows constantly greater. The Pope’s faithfulness to Jesus Christ is something I find very moving. I have benefited hugely from the example set by the Founder of Opus [...]
Tags: Sacrament of Reconciliation, Jesus Christ, Piety, Priesthood

S is for Suffering

In Congo, there is a hereditary blood disease that affects close to 2% of newborn babies, which is called Drepanocytic Anemia or Sickle Cell Anemia (SSA). This disease is characterized principally by bouts of pain, severe anemia and serious infections, and has a very high [...]
Tags: Suffering, Sickness, Eucharist, Jesus Christ, Solidarity

I had never been to anything like it in my life

A friend invited me to go to a morning of recollection. I had never been to anything like that in my whole life… I started to read the Gospel and to pray with The Way. It was a totally different world. One of the ideas [...]
Tags: Gospel, Jesus Christ, Prayer, Retreat

A man that knew how to love

In the 27 years that have gone by since Josemaria Escriva’s “dies natalis”, or birthday into Heaven, on June 26, 1975, many people have asked about the “secret” of his life: why did he attract so many people? Why is it that when others listened [...]
Tags: Love of God, Gospel, Jesus Christ, Interior life, Women

Children. The Sick.

“Children. The Sick. As you write these words, don’t you feel tempted to use capitals? The reason is that in children and in the sick, a soul in love sees Him.” St Josemaria wrote these words seventy-five years ago, on March 11, 1932, and they [...]
Tags: Cross, Suffering, Sickness, Children, Jesus Christ

Father, I’m Jewish…

I was invited by a friend in the Work to meet “the Father” (Saint Josemaria). I felt a healthy curiosity about him, and now I always carry a picture of him with me, and sometimes I talk to him. I don’t pray to him, because [...]
Tags: Jesus Christ, Jewish