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It is depicted that Josemaria sat at the death bed and prayed for a friend of the family who was Jewish! Did that really happen in his life?

One of the scenes in the film shows St Josemaria in a Madrid hospital, talking to Honorio, who is on his deathbed. Honorio is Jewish and had wanted to become a Catholic, but out of respect for his parents had not done so. In this [...]
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Father, I'm Jewish

In Chile, in 1974, in a meeting with hundreds of people, a Jewish girl asks the founder of Opus Dei about the catholic faith.
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Benedict XVI in the Synagogue of Rome

A visit looking to the future rather than the past – that could be one of the ways to describe the presence of Pope Benedict XVI in the Synagogue of Rome, in the afternoon of Sunday January 17, 2010. During the two hours the Pope [...]
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Father, I am Jewish...

"Father, I'm Jewish." This was how Roberto Ackerman began a question to St Josemaria at a gathering in Caracas, Venezuela. St Josemaria instantly responded that the great loves of his own life were Jewish too
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Father, I’m Jewish…

I was invited by a friend in the Work to meet “the Father” (Saint Josemaria). I felt a healthy curiosity about him, and now I always carry a picture of him with me, and sometimes I talk to him. I don’t pray to him, because [...]
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