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You are so young! To me you are like a ship setting out on its voyage. If that slight deviation of today is left uncorrected, you will never reach port in the end. The Way, 248 God’s Call How frankly you laughed when I advised you to [...]
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The Ascension of the Lord

Once more the liturgy reminds us of the final moment in Jesus’ life among men, his ascension into heaven. Christ Is Passing By, 117 Download the Homily "The Ascension of Our Lord" by St Josemaria in pdf format It has always seemed logical to me that the [...]
Tags: Joy, Heaven, Hope, Jesus Christ

Christian optimism

Christian optimism is not a sugary optimism; nor is it a mere human confidence that everything will turn out all right. It is an optimism that sinks its roots in an awareness of our freedom, and in the sure knowledge of the power of grace. [...]
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The Resurrection

On the evening of that day, the first day of the week, the doors being shut where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.” When he had said this, he [...]
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The First Years of Opus Dei

1928, 1929, 1930… St Josemaria had to fulfil God’s will, but had no trained assistants, no money, and no patrons. The task was huge and the young priest had no financial resources, helpers, or patrons. He had neither the support of tradition nor Church approval, for [...]
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A flame to set the world on fire with new life

Bruno: We got to know each other during our school years and it was Nadine who gave me the idea of attending a spiritual retreat. It was from there that I wanted to know more about the teachings of Josemaria Escriva. Nadine: I advised Bruno about [...]
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A good co-librettist

“Everything goes”. That was the idea I had when I was fourteen and began working in the media. I’d seen the media as my vocation ever since I was very young. I’d found it quite hard to get into the media world, and so I [...]
Tags: Joy, Apostolate, Holy Purity, Unity of life, Consistency

The joy of being with the Founder of Opus Dei

The joy of Saint Josemaria and the other members of the Work also impressed me deeply from the time of my first contact with Opus Dei. What I saw was not something merely natural. Saint Josemaria had written, “The cheerfulness you should have is not [...]
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The Youthful Spirit of a Saint

There are many things that could be called characteristic features of a saint, because although the saints canonized by the Church are almost infinitely varied, they all have certain things in common. The feature I want to look at today is their being young at [...]
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Building the Future

Looking at things from saint Josemaria’s point of view, if he were asked what youth is, or better still, what it should be, he would certainly answer that youth is the time for discovering and freely affirming the meaning of one’s existence; a time for [...]
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