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www.alvaro14.org, official website of the Beatification of Alvaro del Portillo

All the information about the Beatification of Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, the first successor of St. Josemaria, is available in www.alvaro14.org: registration and tickets, program, volunteers, press, etc. The Beatification will be held within the Solemn Mass celebrated by the Prefect of the Congregation for [...]
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Beatification for Alvaro del Portillo

The successor of Saint Josemaría Escrivá will be beatified in Madrid, his native city, and where he met the founder of Opus Dei, and was ordained a priest. Alvalro del Portillo dedicated his life to teaching people how to find God in their everyday lives. [...]
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Alvaro del Portillo to be beatified in Madrid

Rome, I-22-2014. After Pope Francis’s approval of the required miracle and the formal declaration of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints (5 July 2013), the Holy See has confirmed in a letter dated 21 January 2014 that the Holy Father (at [...]
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To the very last Stone

The inspiration for Laguna Hospital Care Center in Madrid, Spain, was St Josemaria’s centenary in 2002. Eleven years later its last stone has been laid. “I was once looking through the Roman Ritual in search of the prayers for blessing the last stone of a building, [...]
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God kept putting himself in my way until I was convinced

On July 26, 2011, I was flying to Poland, changing flights in Amsterdam. I was half-asleep, listening to music. A man was sitting on my right and a girl on my left who was upset about a problem with her luggage. The man said “Wow, [...]
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Saint Josemaria in Madrid

It is now 40 years since Saint Josemaria's visit to Madrid during his catechetical trip in Spain and Portugal, in 1972. In Madrid he revisited the places where he had begun Opus Dei's apostolate in the 1930s. During the catechetical trip that St Josemaria made to [...]
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Palliative care

St Josemaria understood that suffering has a place in the plan of the Redemption. At the same time, he often said, “If it’s possible to get rid of physical pain, it should be got rid of. There’s enough suffering in life already! And when it [...]
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Suffering, a Caress from God

Many years ago, before any of these districts even existed, I used to go to the King's Hospital, many, many years ago, over forty, where were you all then...? And I remember that by the bedside of a woman with tuberculosis, - because tuberculosis was [...]
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A real passion for making Jesus Christ known

St Josemaria recalled that God’s children have to have a “priestly soul”, meaning we have to try and grow our friendship with Jesus Christ and follow his example. We have, he said, to aim to bring other people to God, and turn the whole of [...]
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Madrid and St Josemaria

For St Josemaria, Madrid was the place where he found God’s will for his life. Below are the summaries of four suggested tours, which focus on significant episodes in his life and message, including divine sonship, the sanctification of work, and apostolate. Finally there is [...]
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