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Sophie's testimony

Video. A simple and clear example of marriage and family. Sophie, 41, is married with four children and lives in France. In this video-clip she talks about her family. "Cedric and I were married in 1997. Eight months after our wedding he had a bicycle [...]
Tags: Faith, Fortitude, Children, Maturity, Marriage, Optimism, Love, family, difficulties

Women in the life of society?

Monsignor, the presence of women in social life is extending far beyond the sphere of the family, in which they have moved almost exclusively up to now. What do you think about this development? What, in your opinion, are the main characteristics that women have [...]
Tags: Charity, Family and work, Maturity, Marriage, Service, Women

Love for Freedom

The Christian should love other people and therefore respect opinions contrary to his own, and live in harmony and full brotherhood with people who do not think as he does. St Josemaria Escriva. Convesations with Josemaria Escrivá, 67 God wants us to cooperate with him in this [...]
Tags: Freedom, Maturity, Responsibility