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Opus Dei’s aims

From its very beginning, Opus Dei’s only aim has been, as I have just described, to contribute to there being in the midst of the world men and women of every race and social condition who try to love and serve God and their fellow [...]
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Sanctifying ordinary work

Sanctifying one’s work is no fantastic dream, but the mission of every Christian — yours and mine. —That is what that lathe-worker had discovered, when he said: “I am overwhelmed with happiness when I think how true it is that while I am working at the [...]
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Priestly society of the Holy Cross

The Priestly Society of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei The Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, which currently has around 4,000 members, is an association of clergy intrinsically united to Opus Dei. It is made up of the clergy of the prelature, and other [...]
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Some of the main features of the spirit of Opus Dei

What are the main features of Opus Dei’s spirit? “This is God’s will: your sanctification,” as Saint Paul said to the first Christians. This message is “as old as the Gospel and as new as the Gospel.” God calls all baptized people to the fullness [...]
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The Faithful of the Prelature

Who are the members of Opus Dei? People ask to join Opus Dei because they receive a calling to it from God. The vocation to Opus Dei determines or focuses the Christian vocation received with Baptism; it points to a specific way of seeking holiness in [...]
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Opus Dei

What does “Opus Dei” mean? Opus Dei means “the Work of God”. Its complete name is the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei. It is also known as the Opus Dei prelature, or simply, Opus Dei. What is Opus Dei? Opus Dei is a [...]
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Between 1946 and 1960 Opus Dei began its apostolate in several new countries, including Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, France, Ireland, the US, Kenya, and Japan. These were years of physical suffering. The Father’s diabetes was the cause of great discomfort. He lived with a constant headache, [...]
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Joy, Sorrow, Hope

“Do you know why the Work has developed so much? Because it’s been treated like a sack of wheat; it’s been beaten and battered about. But the seeds are so small that they haven’t broken. On the contrary, they’ve been scattered to the four winds...” From [...]
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The First Years of Opus Dei

1928, 1929, 1930… St Josemaria had to fulfil God’s will, but had no trained assistants, no money, and no patrons. The task was huge and the young priest had no financial resources, helpers, or patrons. He had neither the support of tradition nor Church approval, for [...]
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Saturday morning catechism

College students with a good grasp of the Christian faith go to districts in the outskirts of Montevideo, Uruguay, to teach catechism to children and young people. As time goes by, as well as recalling episodes from their classes, they realise that they themselves are [...]
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