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Opus Dei makes the Gospel come alive

“With Opus Dei, my religion has become concrete and immediate” Know how St. Josemaria Escriva and his Opus Dei helped turn one Filipino priest’s faith of the gospel and Christ alive everyday in an interview online between journalist Ronald Reyes and Opus Dei priest and [...]
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Ordinary people

By Jemy Gatdula, published in Business world on line TO BORROW from Scott Hahn, it was the moment I "got" Opus Dei: it was while watching a video of its founder St. Josemaria Escriva in the middle of a question-and-answer session before a large audience. A [...]
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Readers write us from Dubai

Dubai, 9th June 2012 We are so happy and feel so blessed to have celebrated the Feast Day of Saint Josemaria here in Dubai! We realize just how many people are praying for this country when we saw the turn out of attendees in the recollection [...]
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Sixth volume of Studia et Documenta published

Sixth volume of Studia et Documenta published New historical studies on Opus Dei and its founder Over 100 articles published For the sixth year running the St Josemaria Historical Institute in Rome has brought out its regular contribution to the historiography of Opus Dei and its founder. [...]
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A doctor, a priest

A medical doctor asks St. Josemaria how not to act out of routine at work. The answer is to have a "priestly soul", to try to get his patients closer to God. - Father, I'm a doctor - Good. - Like the wonderful Chinese one you [...]
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Is Holiness for Everyone?

Holiness for Everyone is a guidebook which gives practical advice on how anyone can become a saint. "Since I am not a saint, however, I cannot write such a guidebook on my own, so I instead use the teachings of an actual saint – St. [...]
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2012 Holds Multiple Anniversaries for Opus Dei

By JIM GRAVES, published by National Catholic Register The beginning of each of the past three decades has brought about a significant event for Opus Dei, whose mission is to promote holiness among laypeople as they go about their daily work. In 1982, Pope John Paul II [...]
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St Josemaria and parents

Msgr Jaime Fuentes was born in Montevideo, took a degree in journalism, and did a doctorate in theology. He moved to Rome in 1967 where he worked with St Josemaria. He is the Bishop of Minas, Uruguay. Although you may not think so, we actually owe [...]
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St Josemaria has made an impact in my life

Florence Oloo works in Strathmore University in Kenya. She speaks of how the teachings of Saint Josemaria has made an impact in her life.
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Women of courage

In a gathering with Chilean girls in Santiago, July 7, 1974, St Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, talked about the holy women who appear in the Gospel. There is a woman, my daughters, whom we all love a lot, the Mother of Jesus, and our [...]
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