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Feast Day of Saint Josemaria in Calgary (Canada) – Christ is your Model

Calgary, Alberta, Canada Rev. David Sands together with Rev. Wilbert Chin Jon celebrated the Holy Mass in honor of St. Josemaria Escriva on June 25 at St. Bonaventure Church. During his homily, Fr. Sands shared with the faithful his thoughts, feelings and experiences he has during the [...]
Tags: Holiness, Ordinary life, June 26, Father, Canada

The Christian vocation to apostolate

Gabby explains how she lives out her Christian vocation at work, relaxing, and socializing with friends.
Tags: Friendship, Apostolate, Unity of life, Ordinary life, Vocation

A block of ice

Like every day, after lunch today we were going to the sitting-room to spend some family time together, when we saw that someone had taken away the cord we had put up in the street below, to keep people away from the threatening stalactites hanging [...]
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It's about how you live your life

So I'm Nic and I'm a producer. I'm also an expert in media and communications. And I had the great privilege of not only meeting but working with Opus Dei around the time of the Da Vinci Code release. Part of Opus Dei's message and the [...]
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Christian poverty is working to better one's personal situation

During Sunday's Angelus, Benedict XVI made an invitation to live a balanced lifestyle in solidarity with everyone in society while not worrying about the stresses of money. In his speech he recalled that Jesus invited all Christians to lead a simple life without riches. “This [...]
Tags: Detachment, Poverty, Solidarity, Ordinary life

Faith is to be lived out every day

Nic, media and communications consultant, producer. While working with Opus Dei as media and communications consultant in 2006, Nic Sulsky was struck by Saint Josemaria’s call to live by faith in a dynamic way that fills each day with meaning.
Tags: Faith, Ordinary life, Consistency, Communication, Cameroun

Let each wayfarer follow his way

My vocation was like falling in love. Liliana Iavicoli, from Argentina, tells how the discovery of her vocation brought new light into her life.
Tags: October 2, 1928, Founding of Opus Dei, Freedom, Ordinary life, supernumerary

From the Philippines: Saint of the ordinary

Last Saturday, June 26, was the feast of St. Josemaria Escriva, otherwise known as the saint of the ordinary. He also established Opus Dei, which, contrary to many misconceptions, is neither a cult nor a secret mafia, nor an association of strange people (as depicted [...]
Tags: Ordinary life, June 26, Philippines

An exhibition of photographs called “The extraordinary aspect of ordinary things”

Photographers turn a moment into something special, hold it, polish it, eternalize it, and make it extraordinary. For St Josemaria Escriva, everyone capable of eternalizing everyday things – as he said, “Heaven and earth seem to merge on the horizon. But where they really meet [...]
Tags: Ordinary life

Roland Joffé and St Josemaria Escriva

Roland Joffé is the scriptwriter, director and co-producer of the forthcoming film There be dragons, which features St Josemaria, founder of Opus Dei, as one of the main characters. Born in Kensington, London, on November 17, 1945, Joffé has directed many films including The Mission (1984), [...]
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