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The Story of Maria-Jose Milagro

My name is Yanet Maria and I live in Canete, Peru. In February 2012, I began having pains in the abdomen which were so severe that I couldn’t sleep. I went to hospital and the doctor sent me for some X-rays. When he saw the [...]
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When I began to work better

Manuel is a hairdresser and lives in Peru. In this short video he tells how St Josemaria's message changed his work and family life. I realized that by doing things well I could help society. And when I began to work well,I realized I wasn't only working [...]
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The Sacraments. Reconciliation and the Blessed Eucharist

In a gathering in Peru, July 13, 1974, St Josemaria speaks about receiving the Sacraments, especially Reconciliation and the Eucharist, to strengthen our relationship with God.
Tags: Sacrament of Reconciliation, Eucharist, Sacraments, Holy Communion, Josemaria Escriva, Peru

Meeting with St Josemaria Escriva in Peru

St. Escriva: Questions & Answers in Cañete, Peru (July, 9 1974) These are only excerpts of the question and answer portion of the meeting. It shows the fraternal and jovial nature of St. Escriva. In July 1974, Saint Josemaría Escrivá was in Peru, where he had several [...]
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