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Pope: Put Down Your Cell Phones and Talk to One Another

Video (Rome Reports). To start off his weekly general audience, Pope Francis made his way through St. Peter's Square, in the popemobile, blessing crowds along the way. In his catechesis, Pope Francis talked about the family, focusing on the need to restore the basics, starting [...]
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Pope on Vatileaks 2: Leaks Don't Help, but Vatican Reforms Are Moving Forward

Video (Rome Reports). For the very first time, Pope Francis publicly addressed the recent leak of confidential Vatican documents on financial matters of the Holy See. He did so, before thousands of people in St. Peter's Square, during his Sunday Angelus prayer. "First off, I [...]
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Pope Francis: When Families Teach Forgiveness, They Strengthen Society

Video (Rome Reports). During his general audience, Pope Francis encouraged families to confront the root of many of their problems: an unwillingness to forgive. He warned that conflicts will always arise, but it's also possible to forgive them. "Every day we wound others in some way [...]
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Pope Francis Celebrated Mass on All Saints Day in Rome's Biggest Municipal Cemetery

Pope Francis celebrated Mass on All Saints Day in Rome's biggest municipal cemetery, Campo Verano. The cemetery is located in a part of Rome that tourists don't often visit, so attendees mostly came from different Roman neighborhoods. In his homily, Pope Francis reflected on the Beatitudes [...]
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Pope Celebrates Mass to Mark the End of the Synod on the Family

Video (Rome Reports). The Synod on the Family officialy came to a close with this Mass in St. Peter's Basilica. Hundreds of Bishops in Rome for the Synod, attended the Mass, led by Pope Francis. In his homily, he thanked the Synod for the three [...]
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Pope Francis Canonizes Four New Saints

Video (Rome Reports). These portraits hanging on the facade of St. Peter's Basilica show the Catholic Church's four newest saints. They were raised to the altars during this emotional ceremony. They included the first married couple to be canonized in the same ceremony; a Spanish nun [...]
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Pope: Faithfulness to One's Spouse Doesn't Limit Liberty. It Enhances It

Video (Rome Reports). In his weekly general audience, Pope Francis reflected on faithfulness between husband and wife. It's one of the pillars that build a healthy family life, he said, but it's a factor that's being threatened as people steer away from long term commitments. [...]
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Pope's General Audience: Nurture your children's faith

Video (Rome Reports). In his weekly catechesis, Pope Francis talked about raising children and keeping the promise of loving them. He emphasized the importance of fostering a 'mysterious relationship by leaving room for God in their young lives.' When this promise is broken, said the [...]
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The Pope Calls On Society to Do More to Support Families

Video (Rome Reports). Before starting off his weekly general audience, Pope Francis made his way through St. Peter's Square, blessing pilgrims along the way. More than 50,000 people attended the audience under gloomy skies that eventually turned sunny. In light of the current Synod of [...]
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Pope in Angelus: Society Must Welcome and Support Family Life

Video (Rome Reports). After the inaugural Mass of the Synod on the Family, the Pope led the Angelus prayer, where he explained what the bishops will be doing during the weeks of the Synod. "We will keep our eyes fixed on Jesus to individualize based [...]
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