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Making study into prayer

Murielle Heena A. Catabui, Philippines: St Josemaria showed us that we can be saints by being ourselves – being very good students and very good citizens.
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Prayers answered for employment & accommodation

I am writing to thank St Josemaría for his intercession before God for favours granted. As a returning resident to my country I began to search for employment, as is the norm. But the days passed by with countless applications to various employers but no [...]
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Everything is fine

My mother is a woman of a certain age and she has health issues. Back to December of 2005 she got very sick and she thought she was having a heart attack. Called me at 3 o'clock in the morning. We go into the hospital [...]
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Was it a miracle?

Dagmar is Lutheran. Her mother was at the point of death, but against all expectations she came through a risky operation and was cured.
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Accounts of favours obtained in 2010

Every day I thank God and St Josemaria that I am alive When I was four I lost my mother. I was left alone with my father and older sister. My father married again and had seven more children. When I was sixteen a [...]
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Early Days in Madrid

In mid-April 1927 Father Josemaria moved to Madrid, to study for a doctorate in law while working as assistant priest at the church of St Michael. Having almost no contacts there, he first stayed in modest lodgings, but soon transferred to a residence for priests [...]
Tags: October 2, 1928, Founding of Opus Dei, Madrid, Prayer, Poverty, Priesthood

St Josemaria taught me how to pray

For Angie Reckart, her relationship with God, and learning to talk to him as her best friend, is key to a fulfilling life in the world of the media.
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St Josemaria prayer-cards in more languages

Chinese is spoken by nearly 1400 million people worldwide. Now the prayer-card of St Josemaria is available in Chinese. It is also available on this website in pdf format in Thai, Vietnamese, Arab, Bulgarian and Armenian, and other languages. “When the Lord calls me and [...]
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I'm Short of Time

A doctor asks St Josemaria Escriva: “Some days our work leaves us no time for anything else. How can we keep sanctifying ourselves and manage our homes?”
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The Holy Rosary

Take the Holy Rosary, one of the most deeply rooted of Christian devotions. The Church encourages us to contemplate its mysteries. She wants to engrave upon our heart and our imagination, together with Mary's joy and sorrow and glory, the spellbinding example of Our Lord's [...]
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