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Videoclips during the Year for Priests

For the Year for Priests proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI, this website featured a series of videoclips showing St Josemaria in encounters with priests from different countries. In one of them, St Josemaria said, “I can tell you that I am overjoyed to see you, my [...]
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Love our Lady!

Father, could you tell us, more than ever in times like these, what genuine devotion we should have for our Blessed Lady as her sons, what our relationship with her should be as priests, to stay faithful to our priesthood?
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To be tranquil and serene

How can we be really tranquil and serene? What we can do is be Christ. I remember a secular diocesan priest – a secular priest like us. He lived in Valencia. He was a beneficiary of the Cathedral, that’s all. He lived a holy life and died with a [...]
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In the homily “A Priest Forever” St Josemaria reflects on the Holy Mass; the nature of the Catholic priesthood, its dignity and necessity; and the relationship between priests and lay-people in the Church. The following are some excerpts from it. The full text can be downloaded [...]
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Don't be in a hurry

I wish that just by seeing you genuflect the faithful could say, 'This is a priest who loves Jesus Christ.'
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Josemaria becomes a Priest

A Priest of Jesus Christ The long-awaited day arrived. March 28, 1925, in the church of St Charles Seminary, Josemaria, aged 23, received ordination to the priesthood. His little family, in their best clothes, witnessed the ceremony from the front bench: Mrs Dolores Escriva, Carmen, and [...]
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Make your whole day into a Mass

About the Mass – I know you do as I do. You go to Mass in the morning, having prepared for it from the time of the Angelus the day before. You’re thinking how you’re going to say Mass the next day, and that helps [...]
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How can we be deeply human

A priest asks St Josemaria: “Father, how can we priests be deeply human, while we desire to be divine?”
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The love of God

“Father, how should we put the ‘omnibus’ into practice?” St Josemaria answers this question put to him by a priest on October 26, 1972.
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Spanish Priests

Bishop Javier Echevarria, the prelate of Opus Dei, will speak at a conference on twentieth-century priests connected with the diocese of Valencia, Spain, on February 5, 2010. His paper will be about Opus Dei founder St Josemaria Escriva. The life of the founder of Opus [...]
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