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Pope's Audience: Confirmation helps us 'defend the faith'

In this week's general audience, Pope Francis reflected on the importance of the Sacrament of Confirmation. It's precisely through the Sacraments, he explained, that the seven spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit are received, including wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear [...]
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Pope's Audience: Through Baptism, we become 'missionary disciples'

During his weekly catechesis, Pope Francis talked about the importance of Baptism. He described it as a special Sacrament that welcomes Christians into their journey of faith. With thousands of people in St. Peter's Square, he explained that whoever receives the Sacrament is called to be [...]
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Pope's General Audience: The Resurrection of Jesus gives us the seed of eternity

(Rome Reports) In his catechesis Pope Francis focused on the Resurrection. He explained why the Resurrection of Christ is interconnected with that of humanity and strengthened through the Sacraments. Despite Rome's cold weather, the Pope held his weekly general audience out in St. Peter's Square [...]
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Pope prays for victims in the Philippines and for Syrian children who were killed

November 13, 2013 (Romereports.com) The cold weather has made its way to Rome. So, as the Pope blessed children out in St. Peter's Square, he made sure they were kept nice and warm, with gestures like this one. During his catechesis, the Pope was moved [...]
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A new outlook on life

I was born in Irak and lived there till I was two, when we had to get out because of the war, and we went to live in Holland. I lived there till I was twenty, and then came to Belgium to study. I have [...]
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Confirmations at St. Peter's Square: Pope urges youth to hold steadfast in Faith

Nearly 100,000 people packed St. Peter's Square for the Mass where Pope Francis confirmed 44 young people from all across the world. St. Peter's Square overflowed with youth, that have undergone or about to do their Confirmation in their respective diocese, as well as their [...]
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It's God who "invents" religion

Brazil, June 1, 1974. A student says there are people who "make up" their own religion and asks how to help them discover the truth.
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The Sacraments. Reconciliation and the Blessed Eucharist

In a gathering in Peru, July 13, 1974, St Josemaria speaks about receiving the Sacraments, especially Reconciliation and the Eucharist, to strengthen our relationship with God.
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Janitor in Buenos Aires

What I’m going to write about began six years ago. I used to walk to work – it was just 300 meters from home. I went past the same buildings every day, saying “Good morning” or “Good evening” to the janitors working at the entrances [...]
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Did St Josemaria really hear confessions during the Spanish Civil War, risking arrest? Even in a zoo?

During the early months of the Spanish Civil War St Josemaria was living in Madrid. He heard confessions, celebrated Mass, administered Baptisms, even at the risk of his life, if he knew that someone was in need of his priestly ministry. He did his pastoral work [...]
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