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The Story of Strathmore University

Video. Strathmore College in Kenya was started in 1961, right around the time that Kenya was becoming independent. St. Josemaria encouraged those who were starting the university to resist racial tensions, and insisted that they start an inter-racial school. As he liked to put it, [...]
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St Josemaria's Feast Celebrated in India

Over this past June 26th and 27th, the feast of St. Josemaria was celebrated in Rourkela, Odisha India, in a very special fasion. We share some photos and a report from those who who took part in the festivities there. You can also check out [...]
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The Founding of Nagasaki Seido School

A study of the foundation in 1978 of Nagasaki Seido School, a primary and secondary girl’s school representing the first school in Japan inspired by the teachings of St. Josemaría, has just been published in the Volume 9 (2015) of the journal Studia et Documenta, [...]
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The Beginnings of Kibondeni College, Nairobi

Kibondeni College is a corporate work of Opus Dei in Kenya, East Africa. This article's focus is the pre-history, the initial stages and the development of the school which started as a service unit alongside Strathmore and Kianda Colleges. The article seeks to highlight the [...]
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Hawthorn School, Canada

Hawthorn School A personal initiative inspired by st Josemaria Escriva in Canada Inspired by St Josemaria’s message Teresa and her husband, with other parents set up a school offering integral education. In 1989 a small group of parents and educators founded a school specifically for the purpose [...]
Tags: Education, school, family, Canada

For young people

Inspired by St Josemaria’s message Teresa and her husband, with other parents set up a school offering integral education: Hawthorn School Tags: Education, Responsibility, school, Upbringing, family

The Little Football Team that Could

“I-think-I can, I-think-I-can,” puffed the little train as it labored with all its might, pulling up a mountain the load that other, bigger engines had refused. We all know the happy ending to the popular children’s tale, “The Little Engine that Could,” a story often [...]
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Shining new light on Opus Dei’s mission

Opus Dei means “work of God’’ in Latin. At the Montrose School in Medfield, it means educating girls to be leaders with “faith, character, and vision,’’ said the independent Catholic institution’s head, Karen E. Bohlin. For Mary Brennan, a Franklin mother of six, it is a [...]
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Montrose School breaks ground on new Medfield campus

From September 15, 2006 Edition of The Pilot (Pilot photo/Seana Murphy Dorich) By Seana Murphy Dorich, Pilot correspondent MEDFIELD — On Sept. 8, Montrose School broke ground at the site of its new permanent campus at 29 North Street in Medfield. Montrose is an independent college [...]
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Josemaría Escrivá School, Lima, Peru

Norka de Jacinto comes from Talara, a town in the north of Peru. In 1992 she moved to Lima with her family. “When I arrived in Lima,” she recalls, “my sister gave me a prayer-card of Monsignor Escrivá and said, ‘Keep it on you all [...]
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