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"Never Stop Working on Making Your Marriage Better"

Emily Marcucci, a Harvard grad from Massachusetts, has been married for 15 years and is mother to 8 children. "I would tell newly married couples to never stop working on making your marriage better and stronger with each passing day… It should be a daily [...]
Tags: Generosity, Children, Marriage, Service, Love, family, engagement, home-making

A very special kind of family vacation

“The family is the wellspring of all fraternity, and as such it is the foundation and the first pathway to peace, since, by its vocation, it is meant to spread its love to the world around it” (Pope Francis, Message for the 47th World Day [...]
Tags: Service, Solidarity, Virtues, family, Holy Week

A great discovery!

Video. "My name is Kyamummi Irene. I am a Ugandan.I'm a medical doctor by profession, I come for a family of 8 children, and my family is Protestant. I got to know about the Catholic Church when I was in the university, through a friend of [...]
Tags: Apostolate, Conversion, Eucharist, Holiness, Service, Pope Francis

Rosalia Lopez Interview

While you are working, say loving things to him Rosalia Lopez has lived in Rome since 1946, having moved there at St Josemaria’s invitation. Only a few months previously, she had decided to join Opus Dei, while she was working in the catering department or “administration” [...]
Tags: Love of God, Faith, Prayer, Pope, Presence of God, Service, Work, Character, Administration, assistant numerary

Reaching each person’s heart

I have worked for several years in different catering and hospitality schools and at the same time in the service sector. I am currently studying for a degree in dietetics, because I see thorough scientific training as essential if I am to do my work [...]
Tags: Love of God, Service, Work

A Professional Outlook On the Work Of The Home

HomeAdvantage Plus, LLC is a corporation launched in late 1997 to provide educational resources and practical Information for creating a home that enhances the quality of life for individuals and families. HomeAdvantage Plus was conceived in my heart in April of 1973 when I joined Opus [...]
Tags: Family and work, Children, Service, Work

We all belong to the race of the children of God

Interviewer: How did you discover Opus Dei? Willo Indakuli: I got to know about Opus Dei after I decided to do a training course in catering work at what is now known as Kibondeni College. A Dutch lady called Ria, who was a teacher at [...]
Tags: Divine sonship, Opus Dei, Service, Vocation, assistant numerary

At the Service of Others

Young people have often been accused of being too idealistic, of harboring unrealistic expectations and aiming at unrealizable goals. Perhaps, put this way, I exaggerate a bit. It is nonetheless something commonly believed. This desire to make the world (society, culture, everything) better is common [...]
Tags: Youth, Service

Each vest or shirt that I iron has a name

In my daily work at home, each vest or shirt that I iron has a name, the name of the person it belongs to. Every meal I cook with care and concentration gathers real people around the table, and those little jobs done with love [...]
Tags: Little things, Children, Service

I realized that I could be a good Christian, a football fan and a party member

I have to acknowledge the fact that I come from a very idealistic family. I was born and brought up in politics, and arguing about ideas and ideals has always been part of my life. I’ve always considered myself an idealist, and so I defend [...]
Tags: Opus Dei, Politics, Service, Unity of life