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Pope Francis: St. Josemaria is a precursor of Vatican II

On the occasion of the International Symposium on "Saint Josemaria Escriva and Theological Thought," organized at the end of the Year of Faith by the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, an academic institution inspired by him, the Supreme Pontiff Pope Francis addresses his affectionate [...]
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Glimpses of the preaching of St Josemaria Escriva

In this half-hour meeting, held in 1972, St Josemaria talks about Christian apostolate, Opus Dei as a family, marriage, handicapped children, work-life balance, sanctifying work, ethical dilemmas, love for our Lady, the shrine of Torreciudad, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, fashions, journalism, the rebellion of [...]
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1934: Revolution in Spain

- Revolution in Spain - DIY at DYA - Opus Dei and the DYA Academy: criticisms and relations with the Spanish hierarchy - New Members Revolution in Spain The immediate political roots of the October 1934 uprising in Spain are found in the elections held in the fall of 1933. [...]
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