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1937-1939: Later Stages of the Spanish Civil War

Before describing their efforts to carry out Opus Dei in these later stages of the war, we will examine the social, economic, and political features of the world in which they worked. - The War in the North (March to November 1937) - Fusion of the Falange [...]
Tags: Alvaro del Portillo, Sickness, Spanish Civil War, Poverty, Franco, Father, Penance, Burgos, Juan Jimenez Vargas, Pedro Casciaro, first members

1936-1937: First Stages of the Spanish Civil War. Situation of Opus Dei

- Military Uprising - International Aspects of the Civil War - Revolution and Anticlerical Violence in Republican Spain - The Early Weeks of the Civil War - The Giral Government and the Revolution - The Military Struggle for Madrid - On the Run - The Military Revolt Becomes the “National Movement” - Franco [...]
Tags: Alvaro del Portillo, Spanish Civil War, Madrid, Franco, The DYA academy, Isidoro Zorzano, Juan Jimenez Vargas, The Honduran Legation, Opus Dei members, first members, Spanish history

List of contents of St. Josemaria in the Spanish Civil War

The following is a fairly brief account of the early years of Opus Dei, together with the historical, political and social situation in Spain at the time. It is condensed from chapters 3-18 of the book Uncommon Faith: The Early Years of Opus Dei 1928 [...]
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January 1938, from Burgos, Spain: "If you need me, just call me"

On January 9, 1938, Father Josemaria, who had just arrived in Burgos, celebrated his thirty-sixth birthday. He wrote to all his sons a long letter which began: “Circular Letter, January 9, 1938 In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. + [...]
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What did Father Josemaria think of Franco and his activities during the Spanish Civil War?

None of the people who lived with Father Josemaria during the Spanish Civil War could recall ever hearing him saying anything about Franco, not even a passing comment on his military or political actions. What Father Josemaria did say many times over was that he [...]
Tags: Spanish Civil War, Burgos

Why Burgos?

After getting through the Pyrenees mountains and arriving in Andorra at the end of 1937, Father Josemaria went via France to Pamplona, in the opposite zone of Spain. There, after brief stay, he decided to go to Burgos, where he lived from January 8, 1938 [...]
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How and why did Father Josemaria decide to escape across the Pyrenees Mountains?

Spain was divided into two conflicting zones by the Spanish Civil War. After living in hiding in Madrid for over a year, Father Josemaria found himself faced with a choice of staying on there without knowing how long the situation would drag on, in constant [...]
Tags: Spanish Civil War, History, Opus Dei, Crossing the Pyrenees, Josemaria Escriva

How did Father Josemaria exercise his priesthood during the Spanish Civil War?

Throughout the three years the Spanish Civil War lasted, Father Josemaria exercised his priestly ministry in different ways according to the different circumstances in which he found himself. From the outbreak of the war on July 18, 1936, until he found refuge in the Honduran [...]
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Why did Father Josemaria go into hiding?

The right-wing military coup against the Republican Government of Spain was countered by a leftist revolution in the part of the country under the control of the Popular Front. This revolution was characterized by violent anticlericalism among other things, and the revolutionaries destroyed churches and [...]
Tags: Spanish Civil War, History, Freedom, Madrid, Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva

Is it true that another priest was killed by mistake for Father Josemaria Escriva?

Hard facts about this episode are difficult to find. In August 1936, the month after the Spanish Civil War started, some women told Dolores Escriva, Father Josemaria’s mother, that someone looking very like him had been hanged in a street in Madrid. Father Josemaria heard [...]
Tags: Spanish Civil War, History, Madrid, Opus Dei, Priesthood