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Pope reflects on his trip to Sri Lanka and the Philippines, during general audience

Video. (Rome Reports). In his weekly general audience, Pope Francis reflected on the highlights of his recent trip to Asia. Echoing themes he talked about in Sri Lanka and the Philippines, the Pope emphasized the important role families play in society. He added that he [...]
Tags: Poverty, family, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pope Francis

Pope to Interfaith leaders: We don't have to renounce our faith, to live in peace

Video. (Rome Reports). As part of his trip to Sri-Lanka, the Pope met with leaders of the area's major religions. Buddhism, Hinduism. Islam and Christianity. It was a one of a kind meeting and a local Cardinal recognized its importance. "It is no doubt a [...]
Tags: Peace, Unity, Sri Lanka, Pope Francis

A letter from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Some idea of the Mass of Saint Josemaria in Colombo. Last night I just sent you the pictures. The 30th June was the date written in Heaven to celebrate the Mass. It was the date originally given by the Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith (Archbishop of Colombo), [...]
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