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Carmen Escrivá – affectionately known to people in Opus Dei as “Aunt Carmen”. She was part of the early history of Opus Dei, to which she dedicated her whole life, with generous availability, joy and self-sacrifice. Carmen, who had helped her brother unconditionally right from [...]
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Anniversary of Saint Josemaria's birthday

Where and when was St Josemaria born? What were his other names? When was he baptized? Who where his parents? What did Saint Josemaria say about them? What kind of childood did Josemaria have? Was his family well off or short of money? Questions and [...]
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January 9, 1902 - Josemaría Escriva's arrival into the world

Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer was born in the Spanish city of Barbastro on January 9,1902, and died in Rome on June 26,1975. A few weeks before his death, trying to bring his life into sharp focus, he expressed a deep awareness of Divine Providence: "Our Lord [...]
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My parents really loved each other

St Josemaria recalled his parents' love: "They really loved each other, and they had to suffer a lot (...); and I always saw them smiling."
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Summers in Fonz

Summers in Fonz The children looked forward excitedly to the summer holidays in Fonz in July and August. When the time came they packed suitcases and trunks with all the things they could possibly need. Josemaria’s grandparents, Don José and Doña Constancia, were from Fonz. They were [...]
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Our Lady’s love

The Little Watch-mender spend long hours silently contemplating baby Josemaria. He was always attentive to him. Josemaria was a lively baby, and when he was extra happy he would rattle the bars of his cot, bouncing up and down so vigorously that one day he [...]
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Carmen, Chon and Lolita

Carmen had long plaits. She was a very lovable child, kind and devout. But she was also a little bit bossy. “Josemaria, come here!” This got her nowhere, and the minute he got the chance Josemaria pulled the ribbons off her plaits. Poor Carmen had to go [...]
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Fried potatoes and peppers

But the Little Watch-mender’s job did not end there. In fact it was only just beginning. When he got home from school Josemaria ran into the house shouting, “Mom, Mom, I’m back!” And he burst into the kitchen in search of something to eat, emerging in triumph [...]
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And finally… there was a castle!

Mr Jose Escriva was a good friend to his son Josemaria. Ever since he was very small, Mr Escriva played with him as if he had nothing else to do. He had some wooden bricks in different shapes and colours, and Mr Escriva would tell [...]
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Who were Saint Josemaria’s parents, and what did they do?

Josemaria’s parents were called Jose and Dolores. Jose Escriva ran a textiles business, and Dolores was a home-maker. For further details, see Biography .
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