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Pope asks for prayers for the World Humanitarian Summit in Turkey

Video. (Rome Reports). During the Sunday Angelus, the Pope again explicitly supported the World Humanitarian Summit organized by the UN in Turkey. It will address in a new way the humanitarian disasters caused by wars, environmental issues and extreme poverty. POPE FRANCIS "Let us accompany with prayer [...]
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Willi Chen’s ‘Escriva’ Lighthouse Tower

At Pointe-a-Pierre Roundabout, Trinidad and Tobago, a monumental piece of sculpture serves as a beacon pointing to the value of work. In an article first written in 2006, its designer described his inspiration and explained why he named [...]
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Students pitch in to help Haiti rebuild

Students from Trinidad & Tobago, on North Hall’s Summer 2010 Haiti Outreach Program, spent a week on reconstruction work in Haiti’s capital, Port au Prince, devastated after January’s earthquake. Port au Prince, and especially the downtown area and the surroundings, was devastated by the earthquake [...]
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Photos from Masses of Saint Josemaria around the world

Masses of Saint Josemaria have been celebrated in different countries around the world. The following are some of the photos.
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Masses of St Josemaria around the world 2010

The feast of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, Founder of Opus Dei, is celebrated in the Catholic Church on June 26. The following are details of Masses of Saint Josemaria which will be said on or around that date in different countries. Confessions will be heard before [...]
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