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Living Mercy

The Pope’s audiences are specially dedicated to the Year of Mercy. On June 30, he recalled that “It is one thing to speak of mercy, and it is another to live mercy. Paraphrasing the words of St James the Apostle (cf. 2:14-17), we could say: [...]
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You are God’s… and God is Yours

¿Have you ever thought: the Lord dreams about me? He thinks about me? I am in the mind, in the heart of the Lord? The Lord is capable of changing my life?, Pope Francis, March 16, 2015. I do not know how it strikes you…, but [...]
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Pope Francis' eight tips to improve family life

Video. (Rome Reports). Pope Francis is not only the 266th Pontiff of the Catholic Church. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is also the oldest of 5 siblings. "Even the Pope has a family. We are 5 siblings and I have 16 nephews and nieces. One of these [...]
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Other people and me

Our Lord says: ‘I give you a new commandment: Love one another. By this love everyone will know that you are my disciples’. And Saint Paul: ‘Carry each other’s troubles and you fulfil the law of Christ’. I have nothing to add. The Way, 385 How very insistent the [...]
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Novena for forgiveness

Pope Francis has reminded us from the beginning of his pontificate about the joy of forgiving: “Jesus is all mercy, Jesus is all love: he is God made man. (…) He is a patient father, always waiting for us! He respects our freedom, but he remains [...]
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What can I do for peace?

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. (Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount, Mt 5: 1-12) How about you? What are you doing? The Lord wants his children in all the honest pathways of this earth, [...]
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Understanding, dialogue, love

Dialogue Charity does not consist so much in “giving” as in “understanding”. Therefore, seek an excuse for your neighbour — there is always one be found, — if it is your duty to judge. The Way, 463 We Christians have to be ready to share our lives with [...]
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Movie Inspires Forgiveness Movement

Joaquín Navarro-Valls Discusses "There Be Dragons" By Jesús Colina zenit.org -. The movie "There Be Dragons," set for release in the U.S. this Friday, has set off a "reaction of many people who feel moved to forgive," says Joaquín Navarro-Valls. Navarro-Valls, known as the long-time Vatican spokesman from [...]
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Fill this Land with Love

Video. "God will help us to be saints by working at our jobs out of a sense of justice. Not just fulfulling the duties of justice but those of charity too, which means putting our hearts into things."
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"We must bring people together, we must understand others, we must make allowances. Never put up a cross just to keep alive the memory that some people have killed others. Such a cross would betoken the devil. Christ 's Cross is to keep silent, to [...]
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