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Fathers, Talk to Us!

Daniel Plazek is a sales engineer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Luisa have 7 children, ranging from ages 12 to 26. In the following interview, Daniel shares his perspective on marriage, fatherhood, and also offers some practical advice for young parents. Tell us a [...]
Tags: Children, Vocation, family, Father, US, Christians in the middle of the world

Finding God while being a wife, a mother and a doctor

I was the eldest of six children. We grew up on the island of Gotland, Sweden, which has only one Catholic church, with 200 parishioners. My parents always tried to make sure we all got a good Catholic education and that we made friends with [...]
Tags: February 14 , Marriage, Vocation, Women, calling

We all belong to the race of the children of God

Interviewer: How did you discover Opus Dei? Willo Indakuli: I got to know about Opus Dei after I decided to do a training course in catering work at what is now known as Kibondeni College. A Dutch lady called Ria, who was a teacher at [...]
Tags: Divine sonship, Opus Dei, Service, Vocation, assistant numerary

I was rushing about, but I didn’t know where I was going

Thanks to the example of generosity and optimism that I found in the writings of Saint Josemaria, my life took a radically new turn. I was just over sixteen. I was leading a very stressful life in a country town – I was always looking [...]
Tags: Vocation

I could not stay passive

I was born in a Catholic family and even though I got to know about Opus Dei when I was young, I was never interested in it. I had already started to work when, thanks to my brother, I went to a spiritual retreat. I [...]
Tags: Vocation

A lifelong Yes

Extract from an interview with Zenit in 2003 Zenit: Would you say that people today find it hard to commit themselves, hard to say yes? Urteaga: Definitely. I find people very soft. But at the same time there are plenty of people doing plenty of positive things. [...]
Tags: Generosity, Opus Dei, Priesthood, Vocation

One day I too received the gift of a vocation

I came across Opus Dei through a letter that arrived at our local school about the Zunil School of Home and Hotel Management. My daughter Mirna was interested. We went to visit the school, we liked it and she decided to study there. Then the [...]
Tags: Ascetical struggle, Opus Dei, Ordinary life, Vocation, supernumerary

I’m a husband and a father. I have a vocation, too

Joe Keefler plays soccer to win. Not because he is especially good at it or because he is paid to do so, but because that’s how he lives his life: by throwing all his effort into his activities to offer them to God. Joe is [...]
Tags: Marriage, Vocation, supernumerary

Selecting the right partner

One simple observation, often overlooked by many, is the key to a successful marriage is selecting the right partner. The teachings of Saint Josemaria and his influence led me to take this responsibility very seriously. Living in Warrane College, I was able to mix with [...]
Tags: Children, Marriage, St Joseph, Vocation