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Work and people in Opus Dei

The vocation to Opus Dei in no way changes or modifies a person’s condition or state in life. And since man’s condition, his lot, is to work, the supernatural vocation to holiness and apostolate according to the spirit of Opus Dei confirms this human vocation [...]
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Opus Dei’s aims

From its very beginning, Opus Dei’s only aim has been, as I have just described, to contribute to there being in the midst of the world men and women of every race and social condition who try to love and serve God and their fellow [...]
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Alessandra Borghese, Journalist, Italy

Another saint for whom I feel great affection, and to whom I am indebted for significant guidance in my spiritual life, is Josemaria Escriva, the Founder of Opus Dei. I don’t belong to Opus Dei, but I feel very attracted by the spirit behind it, [...]
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Sanctifying ordinary work

Sanctifying one’s work is no fantastic dream, but the mission of every Christian — yours and mine. —That is what that lathe-worker had discovered, when he said: “I am overwhelmed with happiness when I think how true it is that while I am working at the [...]
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Converting work into prayer

Your ordinary contact with God takes place where your fellow men, your yearnings, your work and your affections are. There you have your daily encounter with Christ. It is in the midst of the most material things of the earth that we must sanctify ourselves, [...]
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Some of the main features of the spirit of Opus Dei

What are the main features of Opus Dei’s spirit? “This is God’s will: your sanctification,” as Saint Paul said to the first Christians. This message is “as old as the Gospel and as new as the Gospel.” God calls all baptized people to the fullness [...]
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Centro ELIS, Italy

Centro ELIS, founded in Rome nearly forty years ago, runs a series of training activities connected with employment and sports with one end in view: to help every boy who takes part in them to mature on both the human and the Christian plane. Centro ELIS [...]
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In The Way I found the answer to many things I hadn’t understood before

What can I say about Msgr. Escriva and Opus Dei? I can’t begin to put it into words without first giving a bit of my history. I was born in the year of Maracana, on the day of Maracana. (Ed. Note: Uruguay beat Brazil in [...]
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President of a family institute

The influence of Josemaria Escriva on my life has been radical. He has touched the core of my being and explained to me the purpose of my existence. He has taught me to love work as an offering to God, united to the sacrifice of [...]
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Always go forward

From Josemaria’s teachings I have learned the love of happiness, the importance of a job well done and things about the salvation of my soul. All of this has helped me to work more and to be united to my husband. As a result, I [...]
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